How about renovating your bedroom?

How about renovating your bedroom?

You spend roughly 1/3 of your life sleeping, so shouldn’t you sleep in a room that contributes to sweet dreams? An uninspired or disorganized bedroom can make it tough to relax, and it probably doesn’t help your disposition in the morning, either. What if your bedroom is a focal point for family time — maybe you read in bed, snuggle with the kiddos, or spend quality time with your pets while ensconced in the bedroom. A dingy or depressing bedroom won't contribute to relaxing gatherings.

How to build a colorbond fence.

How to build a colorbond fence.

Step 1:

Make sure that floor and ceiling are in level. In this case a wooden frame has been built to ensure the fence posts and rails to a solid structure.

Step 2:

Start by inserting the fence sheets from the bottom rail; three sheets are usually required to complete a rail. In the middle of the fence two gates have been installed included a latch.

At this point the job is completed.


5 Tips to install a fence

5 Tips to install a fence

So you have just moved to your new villa and want to install a fence. Here are some useful tips to help you build a terrific fence.



Tips #1

When people try to build gates themselves, they inevitably undersize the hinges, and the gates weigh too heavily on them. You have to know that the hinges and the posts are going to hold the gate. If you have a pressure-treated gate, which can be very heavy (and when it rains, the wood absorbs water and gets even heavier), you must set the posts much deeper and with more cement around them. In short: make sure the hinges are properly sized to hold enough weight.

Tip #2

Once the fence is installed, it's important that you let it dry out. There are certain moistures and finishes that the manufacturer applies to the fence, and if you try to stain and preserve the wood ahead of time, the product you apply probably won't be absorbed by the wood. Remember: Painting needs to be done every few years. Another way to get the fence to last longer is just to apply clear wood preservatives. If you want, you can stain the fence. All of this will help the longevity of the fence.

Tip #3

It's important to realize that the nice side of the fence needs to face the neighbors, and the integrity side, with the wood rails and everything else, is going to face the inside. If the nice side faces your house, there could be hard feelings.

Tip #4

Some people will take the dry concrete mix, put it in the hole and then use a hose to add water. It's an easier way to do it, but the concrete doesn't set as hard. You can set the post right on the soil that's in the hole and put cement around it, because it will become one unit.

Tip #5

ome fences are for keeping things in or out, and some are for privacy. Fences are also great for decorating your front and back yard to accent your home and to indicate property lines. With so many different types of fences out there, you just to need to know your needs and your taste and build one that will last you and your family a long time.


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Terrific DIY bed made with pallets!

Terrific DIY bed made with pallets!

Finding pallets isn’t hard but deciding what to do with them is! There are just so many possibilities! I hate to add even more terrific DIYs for you to choose from but they were just too good to keep secret. Besides, these are pallet beds!

Just because they are all made of the same material doesn’t mean they all look the same. Each is different and unique. There are even fabulous dog beds! There are day beds, hanging beds, adjustable beds.

6 Reasons why you need a fence

6 Reasons why you need a fence

When making a decision about the boundary of your property, it can be useful to know the benefits of a privacy fence. Read on and consider all of the options so that your eventual choice is an informed one.


Installing a privacy fence over any other type of perimeter barrier will provide your property with some shelter from the elements. The fence will act as a windbreaker to prevent the wind from affecting you, your plant life and your property. Depending on the positioning of the fence and of your home, this can also provide shade when it is required.     


If your garden comprises landscaping that could be accented by additional decoration, using a privacy fence will be the better option to enable this to take place. Whether you intend to paint it or add staining so that it matches other elements of your garden, this will be easier to achieve with this type of fence over any other. These fences are also most likely to be made of materials that will accept paint or decoration easily.  


One of the main benefits of using a privacy fence is the wide range of styles and materials available on the market. This will make it easier to find an option to suit your needs as there will be a color and type of wood to match the other components of your garden. This will also help you to stick to a budget if you have one as there will be a range of prices. If you are concerned with the environment, you can also be satisfied that there are sustainable materials that can be used for your fence.


A privacy fence provides protection not only to help keep young children and animals within the boundary, but also to keep intruders and stray animals out. It will help your property to remain hidden from prying eyes and will reduce the temptation for children and animals to stray. Your property will benefit from having a clear indication of where the land separates from the neighboring property.


Privacy fences are designed to last quite a long time and will only require a little maintenance to stay in good shape. An unfinished fence can be protected with a few coats of varnish and surface debris can then be cleaned away with a cloth and soap and water. Loose fasteners can be tightened or replaced when and if it becomes necessary to do so to ensure that the fence remains stable. Any spots of rust can be removed with sandpaper or a wire brush before being treated to sop it from returning. Insect infestations can be taken care of with the same insecticides and repellents that can be used in the home.     


Where the dimensions and materials are sufficient, this type of fence can lessen the amount of noise that your yard suffers from beyond the fence. The presence of the fence and the thickness of the same will serve to dampen down noise so that it is not as intrusive as it would be with another type of fence or with no barrier at all.

Stay safe from insects.

Stay safe from insects.

9 Benefits of Having Fly Screens in the Home

The humble fly screen has long been a staple of many Australian households. Starting with the obvious, their ability to block out flies, there are a number of benefits that fly screens can provide to any household, which makes them both a popular and necessary choice for any modern home.


Keeping out insects

Related to the obvious purpose of keeping out flies, fly screens can also keep all unwanted pests where they belong – outside the home. This is particularly important in the warmer months when mosquitoes, flies, and other household pests and insects are particularly rampant.

Adding additional security

There are security focused variations on the basic fly screen that are constructed from strong materials designed to stop unwanted access and entry to your home. Their strong net structure and frames can provide welcome protection from home burglary attacks, as they’re quite difficult to tamper with.

Keeping children safe

Fly screens are perfect for stopping children from entering areas that they should not be inside, for example the front or back garden without supervision. A much better option than having to close all doors and create somewhat of a fortress, fly screens are an excellent solution for managing access and keeping children safe and within sight at home.

Maintaining some privacy

Many fly screens provide an element of privacy, as the traditional black mesh construction makes it difficult for someone outside to see inside, particularly from a distance. Conversely, those inside can still see outdoors with ease. This potentially minor, but important, point is an additional benefit of having a fly screen installed. 

Injecting style

Decorative fly screens can provide an impactful additional to your home’s entrance while hiding a fully functioning fly screen. For example, a wrought iron decorative screen can add additional curbside appeal and value to your home. There are also a number of modern options such as aluminium and wood designs too, so matching the decor and style of your home should not be a problem.

Saving energy

By utilising fly screens throughout the home, a natural flow of air can be enabled. This natural ventilation can help keep an entire home cool during the warmer months without the need to constantly run expensive air conditioning systems to regulate indoor temperatures. This can amount to significant energy savings, which is beneficial for both the household budget and environment.

In addition to the natural air conditioning effect as a result of better circulation, fly screens are also able to block out direct sunlight, which minimises the buildup of heat inside the home. The added benefit of blocking direct sunlight is that it can prevent damage to furniture and floors that is usually caused by UV rays.

Introducing natural light

When compared to traditional doors and windows, fly screens allow significantly larger amounts of natural light to flow into a room or home. The sheer nature of the somewhat transparent surface of a fly screen allows natural brightness to enter a room where it would otherwise be blocked by a solid door. This can add the perception of space, and also has additional energy saving benefits as the overall use of electric lights may be reduced as a result.

Allow in fresh air

Due to their perforated mesh construction, fly screens provide a barrier without stopping the flow of air. This increased air circulation and ventilation provides a regular supply of clean air to a home, crucial for good health. Stale or stagnant air in blocked or closed off areas can allow for the breeding of bacteria, and also stops the flow of pollutants and contaminants, thereby trapping them in one space. This results in a higher concentration of airborne contaminants, which can have adverse effects on health. Further to this, a lack of ventilation can create an environment that is prone to mould, bringing with it the risk of bacterial and respiratory infections. With sufficient circulation and ventilation, your family will feel more alert, healthier, and happier.

Maintaining the view

A solid door blocks any chance of a view or outlook, thereby creating an enclosed feeling in any home, whether there is a scenic view or not. With the use of mesh fly screens, most of the traditional benefits of a solid door are maintained, with the additional benefit of an element of transparency. This allows for a potential outlook to be maintained.

Fly screens have a large number of benefits for any home with practical health and safety implications. The days of industrial looking, boring fly screens are long gone, with a variety of options available in different styles and colours to suit any décor or design. The addition of fly screens to all doors and windows throughout your home is therefore a worthwhile investment that will provide an eternal return.

Are you in trouble with stormwater?

Are you in trouble with stormwater?

If your pump is too old or your drainage grid is not enough powerful in order to disposal the stormwater, Sydney Happy Handyman has got it covered.

Struggling with your gate?

Struggling with your gate?

Is your gate stuck on the concrete or in the ground? No worries, there is a solution even for this problem.





Not just a simple pool.

Not just a simple pool.

Wooden frame to delimit the pool space. A second hand steel fence has been assembled to secure the pool area. A triangular shade sail has been installed in order to keep yourself and your guests safe from hottest summer days.